Career Quandaries? Learn How Ivy Exec’s Mentor Network Can Help

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Do you find yourself at a career crossroads? Are you itching to take your career to new heights, but not sure how to move forward?  This webinar will give you answers.

For most professionals, a career path is circuitous, with steep inclines and sharp turns.  Even under the best of circumstances it’s helpful to have a career sounding board – think of it as a personal, career GPS system. That’s where the Ivy Exec Mentor Network comes in! The Ivy Exec Mentor Network connects premium Ivy Exec members with seasoned executives for monthly brainstorming sessions on a broad range of strategic and tactical career topics.  This powerful benefit is a free resource for All Access members.

This webinar will help you start finding mentors who can propel your career forward at a faster pace.  Gayle Rigione, the Mentor Network’s manager, will walk you through the program, step by step, and answer the following:

  1. What can a mentor do for you?
  2. How do you identify “best fit” mentors on our search page?
  3. What is a session agenda? Is it important? What should it include?
  4. How are you matched with a mentor?
  5. After you’re matched, how do you communicate with your mentor?
  6. Do you need to do any advance work to prepare for your session?
  7. How does a mentoring session work?  How is it scheduled?  How does it take place?
  8. What happens after your session?