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Ed Felten has spent decades exposing glaring weaknesses in the computer systems that run modern society. He provided key testimony challenging Microsoft’s early dominance of internet browsing, battled the recording industry over its attempt at creating digital copyright controls, and fought voting machine companies over security and transparency. The program is managed by TCEQ’s Small Business and Local Government Assistance (SBLGA) section, which provides confidential assistance without the threat of TCEQ enforcement to the customer. Therefore, EnviroMentor assistance is confidential and does not lead to inspections, citations, or fines.

While Skip was having some CNC machining done by Phil Caricof, Skip mentioned that he was about to develop the split line shape to full scale. Phil offered a phone number of a friend of his, Bob Chubb that had been the Chief Lofter for Douglas Aircraft for the past 30 years. Skip contacted Bob and explained his situation. Bob was enthralled with the project. Skip met with him leaving him a drawing. Bob developed the dimensions to a full scale drawing on Mylar. When he was finished he brought the Mylar to Skips Shop in three pieces which made it easier to transport. They proceeded to transfer the Mylar drawing to the wood table. After all the engineering time put forth this was the first time you could see the actual tear-drop shape of the split line that is 23′ long and 36” at the widest point. This was a glorious moment. Skip feels that he owes Bob a tremendous amount of gratitude.

The University of Massachusetts Lowell had strong representation at the American Nuclear Society Conference on Nuclear Training and Education through technical program committee participation (Dr. Sukesh Aghara and Dr. Gilbert Brown), invited luncheon speaker (Dr. Marco Marzo), contributed papers (Integrated Nuclear Security and Safeguards Laboratory (INSSL) and the Nuclear Energy Education and Training (NEET) program), and Session Chair (Gulf Nuclear Energy Infrastructure Institute-Panel).

If the planet is not the homeworld of the Engineers but the planet where one of them made sacrifice to create new life as we saw in the begining of Prometheus, and if David is wearing the robes to make Engineers feel more comfortable around him because he is working with them as he wearing clothes around humans as the post mentioned and he said in the movie.

Altia, Inc. is a software company that provides user interface design and development tools that can be used from concept to final product code. Altia was founded in 1991 and its customers include GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Guidant, Lockheed Martin and hundreds of other leading manufacturers. For more information about Altia, visit or contact Altia’s corporate headquarters at +1 719-598-4299.

This new sensor is meant to always be put in between the tendons within your wrist, from the exact place utilized by health professionals to really measure your coronary heart pace, as MSPU notes. This suggests that the sensor will be in a position to gather much more details (as well as, although not restricted to coronary heart amount variability, arterial hypertension, pulse-wave velocity, and augmentation index) and likewise give higher precision in comparison with present solutions which everyone knows will often be imprecise.

UMass Lowell will join more than 800 leading science organizations and institutions across the country in the largest celebration of science and engineering in America: the USA Science & Engineering Festival, which will be held April 28 and 29 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C.

Catherine Mavriplis delivered the 2012 Lynda Shaw Memorial Distinguished Lecture on Advancing Women in Science and Engineering: What Can Be Done?” at Western Engineering on March 22. Mavriplis is an associate professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa and NSERC / Pratt & Whitney Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering for the Ontario Region. She encourages women to act as leaders, even at a young age, and sees room for engineers to improve their image in society.

Engineering graduates are in high demand, says Western Engineering alumna Kirsten Petersen, an engineer-in-training at a major oil company, and Jessica Barker, a master’s student in environmental engineering. The pair discusses how corporations are rapidly investing in young engineering talent to replace retiring baby boomers.

The College publishes the alumni magazine Arizona Engineer twice a year. Other College print publications available for download and digital viewing highlight research projects, industry partnerships and educational progress. And every month, the College sends the Arizona Engineer e-newsletter to alumni, faculty and staff for the latest news and coming events.

Newly elected Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA) president Jim Hurst, BESc’87, Civil and Environmental Engineering, got his feet wet in the industry as a field engineer on the $1 billion Highway 407 project north of Toronto while employed at Armbro Construction Ltd.

Six months before the space shuttle Challenger exploded over Florida on Jan. 28, 1986, UMass Lowell alum Roger Boisjoly wrote a portentous memo. He warned that if the weather was too cold, seals connecting sections of the shuttle’s huge rocket boosters could fail. Boisjoly died in Nephi, Utah, near Provo, on Jan. 6. He was 73.

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The engineering staff at Corvette were anxious to see how the new engine would improve the little car’s performance that they refitted the 1953 Motorama show car, EX-122, with the prototype V-8. The little car ran without incident at Milford for 25,000 miles. The new motor was coupled with a three-speed manual transmission, in addition to the now tried and perfected Powerglide automatic. With the 1955 model came the Corvette with Chevrolet’s first V-8 engine; however, overall performance was held back due to the vast majority being mated with the automatic transmission. Even so, the new engine put the vastly needed life into the Corvette. Performance jumped as 0-60 miles per hour times cut a full three seconds to eight seconds for the late 1955 cars fitted with the three-speed manual transmission. Top speed also climbed to 120 miles per hour, and fuel consumption improved from 17 miles per gallon to a full 20 miles per gallon.

The line leader is in a very good position to directly influence the subordinate during the normal course of their work. Such people should be well trained enginnering news in correct safety procedures, job competencies and leadership. Some free safety poster can be downloaded from the internet for training purposes.